Sparagmos - life conditions

little fury things 2009

Sparagmos is a one man band coming from the United States and if I am correct this is his third release with the LFT label. His instrument of choise is the drum kit but luckily his guitar and bass skills can definitely embarrass a lot of musicians out there. This is also a very listener friendly record. It is like everything that happened in the music scene of the past 15 years boiled down to 7 beauties. From post rock to elements of math rock, fugazi like drums to rhythmic particularities reminiscent of tortoise. But this is something that u could probably expect from a label like LFT. Well u r just plainly wrong. This is a very interesting record for many reasons. If I didn’t know that this is a studio – one man band I could not guess it. Every instrument is played differently in almost every track. Every track rings a bell but u can’t really tell if u r right cause what sparagmos do is breaking stylistic boundaries by mixing them up and coming out with a strangely attractive result, plus in almost every track after 30 seconds u have the impression that it is a different track. This is because instead of repeating a riff he constantly plays variations of it and I do not mean only on the guitar. This is a jazzliesque rendition of a full of hits album. Like on after all of life’s delays and distortions or take three times daily that could be early velvet underground songs performed by Malkmus on guitar, Lally on bass, Tyondai Braxton on guitar, McEntire on drums or climb up, pull yourself over that edge that sounds like a smashing pumpkins cover by sonic youth while a minute later they hand over their instruments to my bloody valentine only to join them a couple of minutes later. Sure I exaggerate but this is the best I can do in order to describe u the result.  Sure this is post-lofi something but if u listened to this and u were told that this is an all star band with members from fugazi,  pavement, my bloody valentine and smashing pumpkins u would definitely buy it. This record should deserve serious radio play, I would love to catch them live but unfortunately this is probably difficult. [Fervent]

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